Lisa Roet

Contemporary Visual Artist

Lisa Roet · Australia

Lisa Roet is an artist who for 30years has exploring the concept of what it is to be human. For the past 6years Lisa has worked on a series of large scale public artworks touring urban centres, Hong Kong, Edinburgh, London, Beijing, Chengdu and Holland. These monumental public art projects feature newly discovered species of flora and fauna , in particular Primates ,drawing attention to the impact of urbanisation and global warning, the leading causes of species extinction and forest habitat destruction. Lisa responds to the image of the ape and monkey as humans closest relative, acting as a mirror and social commentary to remind us of the necessity to re-evaluate our position within this increasingly urbanised world. She has worked with the arts/design/science communities worldwide including collaborating with Botanical Gardens, zoos, environmental groups/museum archives to develop her art using a wide range of mediums and materials.


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