Health & Wellness

Forum 3 – Digital Health: Panel Discussion | KODW 2019

·19 June, 2019


Discover new innovation opportunities and solutions for health and care in the age of digital transformation. How might we strengthen the interface between design, digital and technology to create better healthcare systems, services, products and experiences for all?


• As the boundaries between ‘health’ and ‘digital health’ are blurring, what are the impacts, opportunities and challenges for healthcare and health-related industries, medical sector and care community?

• In what ways, digital health technology can empower patients, consumers and citizens?

• How might we harness digital technology to build more inclusive societies?

• What are the business and innovation opportunities beyond ‘health’?





Low Cheaw Hwei

Head of Design ASEAN Pacific/Head of Design Consulting Asia, Philips Design, Singapore


Liam Mcguire

Director, Project Lead (Health & Serious Games), Opaque Media Group, Australia





Prof. Kun-Pyo LEE, PhD. HonFDRS

Dean of School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK