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Future Retail & Lifestyle: Anson Shum (Forum 2) | KODW 2019

·19 June, 2019


In the digital era, tech is reinventing retail business and blurring the boundaries between digital and physical retail spaces. How might brands embrace the changing demographics, consumerism and the digital life of a new generation of customers to create personalised retail experiences? What’s next in and beyond omnichannel? Where are the next frontiers of retail?


  • What deep insights could we draw from big data to better understand customer behaviours and future lifestyle trends?
  • How might we leverage the digital advance to design seamless, intuitive and personalised customer experience?
  • How digital technologies are revolutionising retailing industry, from user experience to brand strategy to business models?
  • In the digital age, where are the next frontiers for retail space?





Anson Shum

Co-Founder and Creative Director, OOKONN, HK