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Liveable Smart City: Otto Ng (Forum 1) | KODW 2019

·19 June, 2019


Explore new possibilities for liveable cities of tomorrow at the intersection of design, digital and technology. From smart city visions to digital transformation of public services and data-driven urban solutions, how might we effectively use data and tech and tap into the collective intelligence of citizens to co-create new urban ecosystems?

• How might governments and businesses leverage on the collective intelligence and digital technology to respond to the changing needs of societies and citizens?
• What are the new opportunities for collaboration across public, private and academic sectors?
• What should be included in the new toolkits for policy-makers, decision makers, civil servants and executives and professionals in the digital age?
• How might we cultivate citizen participation to drive smart city initiatives?
• With the increasing role of data in urban design and planning, how might we find the right balance between openness and privacy?






Otto Ng
Design Director, LAAB, HK