Dr Saskia Visser

Program Manager Circular & Climate Neutral Society

Wageningen University & Research · The Netherlands

Dr. Saskia Visser is program manager of the scientific programs: Living in a Circular and climate neutral society and Connected circularity of Wageningen-UR. Saskia develops new partnerships in which joint efforts are made to find innovative solutions that contribute to a circular and climate neutral society. Think, for example, of circular agriculture, the robotisation in agriculture, the development of new bioplastics, but also behavioural change in both consumers and policy. The theory of transition management is very useful to support the development, upscaling and implementation of circular and climate neutral solutions, whilst proving attending to the downscaling of less sustainable production systems as well. Saskia gives (online) lectures about her research all over the world and is currently also co-coordinator of the 80M€ European Joint Program on Agricultural Soils under Climate Change. Saskia, lives in Wageningen with her 2 children and loves horse riding.

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