Michael Lam


Advance Denim · Hong Kong

Michael Lam is the Director of Advance Denim – he connects the denim business and cultures from the East to the West and works together with his team in Amsterdam and New York to exchange the denim innovations and concepts from different countries. He has been working on several sustainability and innovation projects, such as the BigBox Dyeing, BioBlue, Botanic Dyes and Cottonized Hemp, in the company. Those projects lead Advance Denim to be one of the most sustainable denim mills in the world, recognized by well-known brands.


Michael is one of the founding members of the Hong Kong Denim Festival which is one of the most important denim events in Asia. He also works together with the Kingpins show in United States and the Denim by Premiere Vision in Europe for some events and seminars to promote innovative and sustainable denim technologies and cultures to the world.