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Normann Copenhagen, established in Denmark in 1999 by Poul Madsen and Jan Andersen, is a global design brand deeply rooted in Danish design heritage. The collection spans furniture, lighting, and home accessories, characterized by sleek lines infused with a touch of playfulness, all meticulously crafted with emphasis on quality and longevity.

Norman Copenhagen2023.11.13

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Exciting news awaits as Normann Copenhagen's Hong Kong showroom has recently relocated to Ruttonjee Centre, situated in the heart of Central. This strategic relocation took place in early October, bringing their iconic designs even closer to the city's design enthusiasts. We had the opportunity to catch up with Poul, the founder and CEO, as well as Simon, the Head of Design during their recent visit to town.


Interview with Poul Madsen (CEO)



Poul Madsen, Founder and CEO, Normann Copenhagen



Q: How would you personally define the significance of design and art in your life and work?


A: It is such a big part of my life. I have worked with design on a daily basis for so many years, and I have been interested in art just as long. It’s my work, but it’s also a passion. Art and design to me, and probably to a lot of people, are concepts that are very much correlated. 



Q: As a dedicated art collecttor, do you have any preferred artists that you admire?


A: I find inspiration in a wide range of styles and eras. Not long ago, I visited Paris and went to a museum that had a lot of French expressionist art on display, which was very fascinating. My own art collection consists primarily of Danish contemporary art from both known and completely unknown artists. It’s difficult to choose a specific artist, since to me, art is about what you feel when you admire an artwork for the first time. 



Q: From your perspective, what are the key elements that drive and define the contemporary design world?


A: What we strive to do is to create something that connects people and spaces. In the end, it’s all about people. There are a wealth of options out there, and we strive to create something that accommodates a functional and aesthetic need for someone. In addition, we work a lot with sustainability. We are committed to optimizing our business to become more responsible. It’s an ongoing process and probably always will be. 



Q: How does Normann Copenhagen position itself within the industry, and what sets it apart from other design brands?


A: We position ourselves at the intersection of good value and good quality. We try to set our prices so that they are reasonable, but without compromising on good materials and design. We are known for offering design that is influenced by timeless quality and contemporary life, with a touch of playfulness. And last but not least, we prioritize timelessness both in relation to aesthetic and durability. 



Q: What were your initial impressions and emotions upon visiting Hong Kong for the first time after the COVID-19 pandemic?


A: It was amazing to be back and to actually get to talk to people in real life. I was very pleased to meet our partners and people who have become friends of Normann Copenhagen. It’s an exciting, buzzing city with so much going on, and you don’t really understand it until you’ve been. So, it’s a very enlightening experience. I loved learning more about the city, its people and its culture. I already look forward to the next visit. 



Q: What were your thoughts and feelings when you first visited the new Normann Copenhagen showroom in Hong Kong?


A: Again, it was amazing to visit Hong Kong again and I was overwhelmed by the new showroom, its staff and just the space in general. It has a great atmosphere and once again, I loved getting to meet everyone in person. It just makes the whole partnership so much more special. 



Q: Can you give us a sneak peek into any exciting products that are in the pipeline for the Normann Copenhagen brand?


A: We are continuing to expand the collections with designs for both retail and contract markets. We are also striving to incorporate more responsible materials and ways of production. In addition, we are launching a new, exciting chair design that we will reveal at a global launch in numerous different locations simultaneously. Stay tuned! 



Interview with Simon Legald (Head of Design)



Simon Legald, Head of Design, Normann Copenhagen



Q: What is your process for initiating the design of a product and what sources do you draw inspiration from when creating your designs?


A: There is no linear process, sometimes the material is the starting point and other times it might be a curve on a building, a door handle or what that might catch the attention. 

I guess it is all about feeling something for the object or material and being able to quickly see its potential in a different context. 



Q: What types of materials that captivate your interest the most?


A: Classic materials always have a very sedative character, they are long lasting both in terms of expression and quality, like wood, steel, fabric etc, but at the moment I really find it interesting to study new ways of creating products in a sustainable way, by using what already exists, so recycle, re-use or finding brand-new materials based on lower carbo footprint.



Q: Over the course of 10 years, you have been the driving force behind the design of nearly 40 distinct product families in the Normann Copenhagen collection. Can you share the secret behind your exceptional productivity in the creative process?


A: It comes from a desire to learn and create, I guess my passion is to understand and solve problems in one way or another, so being able to work and evolve both products and myself is the key to my creative process. 



Q: Could you provide more details about the new designs showcased by Normann Copenhagen at the 3DaysofDesign Festival earlier this year?


A: The goal was to create diversity and expand the collection both in term of category, but also visually. At our Normann Copenhagen showroom the products have been repeated, but with different colors/materials/textiles and settings, to show how the products can adapt and fit into any environment whether it is contract or residential. 



Q: As this is your first time in Hong Kong, what are your impressions of the city and have you gained any new inspirations from your visit?


A: I have only heard great things about Hong Kong, so was a nice experience to visit in person. I really like the vibe and intense pulse the city offers, there is something for everyone.



Q: How did you feel when you first visited the new Normann Copenhagen showroom in Hong Kong?


A: Excited, was very nice to see many of the products I’ve designed being presented in a beautiful and stylish way in the heart of Hong Kong.



Normann Copenhagen's Hong Kong showroom has recently relocated to Ruttonjee Centre, situated in the heart of Central.


Normann Copenhagen's Hong Kong showroom has recently relocated to Ruttonjee Centre, situated in the heart of Central.