That's a wrap for BODW 2022 Gala Dinner!

The BODW Gala Dinner set out to conclude the BODW 2022 Summit, with a remarkable evening of grandeur and joy.

Held at M+, the Gala Dinner featured a photo exhibition of BODW's historical moments, an Instagrammable magazine photo booth and enchanting live music performances, with one of the biggest highlights of the night being the heartfelt greetings and wonderful gifts presented by our distinguished guests and speakers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our friends and past BODW speakers, for their congratulations and gracious presence that make this special occasion even more special.


Celebrating BODW’s 20th anniversary, the Gala Dinner also commemorated the tremendous commitment and contribution to the event from Dr Victor Lo, Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Design Centre and BODW, throughout the past two decades.

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Lead Patron: Debbie Lo Creativity Foundation

Dr Victor Lo, Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Design Centre and BODW

Diamond Patron: Ming Foundation

Prof. Eric Yim, Chairman of Hong Kong Design Centre

Gold Patron: CreativeKids

Dr Angelina Lo, Founder Director of CreativeKids

Gold Patron: Kai-yin Lo

Ms Kai-yin Lo, A jewellery designer, art curator and historian



Silver Patron: KYSS Properties Limited

Mr Kyran Sze, Chairman of KYSS Properties Limited

Art Creations Partner: LeoWongceramics

Wardrobe Sponsors: DEMO OFFICIAL

Wardrobe Sponsors: DORIAN HO COUTURE

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