Design for Change: 20 Voices to Celebrate 20 Years

Facing great uncertainties and numerous critical issues such as the climate crisis, how can design be a force for good and a catalyst for change?

CatchOn & Editorial Team20 Feb 2023

Posed to 20 design leaders and field experts, the above question drew responses that inevitably centered on an all-important subject: the climate crisis. In their own words, and based on their respective fields of expertise in architecture, design, technology, hospitality, and arts and culture, the leaders interviewed acknowledge the future beyond the pandemic, and how they plan to approach building a better, more sustainable world. 


In tribute to the 20th anniversary of Business of Design Week (BODW), Asia's premier event for innovation, design, and brands held annually in Hong Kong, this report features voices from past and recent speakers and moderators of the event, who come from various cities and countries that have partnered with BODW, including the Netherlands, BODW's Strategic Partner for 2022-2023. 


This trend report is produced by CatchOn, a Finn Partners Company, in partnership with Business of Design Week. 


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