Design with Responsibility and Care: Normann Copenhagen

Norman Copenhagen - Anthea Lovett09 Feb 2022

[The following content is provided by Normann Copenhagen]


Scandinavian design is well-known for its blend between function and form, culminating in a solution for simple living, and has remained a very popular home design trend for many decades. The Scandinavian design came as a push back against the rise of industrialism and the idea that "more is better". With inspiration from various art movements, such as Bauhaus, and Art Deco, the Scandinavian design was at the forefront of a movement towards "Modernism". Even before the Industrial Revolution, those living in Scandinavian countries tended more towards functional furniture, something that could be used day in and day out, during those long winter months when most people stayed home. It wasn’t until the 1950s, during various international exhibitions, however, that the rest of the world caught on to this concept. A combination of beauty, simplicity, and functionality, the Scandinavian design allows us to connect with the essentials, and see furniture as both a practical item and an art piece – and no brand does this quite as well as Normann Copenhagen.


Normann Copenhagen, established in 1999 by Jan Anderson and Poul Madsen, was set up under the idea of challenging conventional thinking through unique and timeless furniture designs. Both Jan and Poul were determined to make a statement in the design industry that form and function can coexist together. The brand encompasses a wide and continuously growing collection of furniture, lighting, textiles, and home accessories, each with an individual story that aims to inspire and push the concept of hygge – a danish word for encompassing comfort. This year, Normann Copenhagen teamed up to become BODW 2021’s Exclusive Designer Furniture Partner, as a way to help inspire others through their brand's story. Normann Copenhagen furniture is created in a way to stand the test of time – both in terms of the designs, which are innovative yet classic; and in terms of production, by utilizing long-lasting materials and sustainable manufacturing. With the message of a “Global Design Reset”, Normann Copenhagen is looking to the future, while paying tribute to the past. Jan Anderson and Poul Madsen also wanted to have each piece be a story of their own, and have worked closely with designers and manufacturers to truly bring the items to life. With some products based on old Danish stories, like the Tivoli Tale Figurines, or inspired by family members, such as Littlebird, or just the general feeling of feeling safe and warm at home with your loved ones, such as Hyg, Normann Copenhagen has successfully captured the hearts of many with their designs that tell a story.


With an interest in local communities, Normann Copenhagen works with many cultural initiatives as both a partner and a sponsor, supporting local artists in projects including arts, theatre, film, and fashion. They also work on a global scale, sourcing sustainable materials including recycled ocean plastics and ethically harvested woods, creating furniture that is made to last. Normann Copenhagen’s Bit is a demonstration of creating multifunctional furniture with sustainable design. Made from 100% recycled household and industrial plastic, the Bit stool features a straightforward and utilitarian look with a unique pattern. Normann Copenhagen also works with fabric manufacturer Camira to produce a fabric series “Oceanic”, which takes plastic from the ocean and uses it to create luxury fabrics.


As 2022 begins, Normann Copenhagen looks to the future. They aim to continue their current goal of creating a more sustainable furniture system for modern households, through continued use of ethically sourced materials and responsible manufacturing. The team is also focusing on updating old designs, with new fresh colours and materials, some of which can be viewed in the newly released lookbook “Feel the Hygge Inside and Out”. This lookbook showcases the complete collection of Normann Copenhagen designs, from the Ace series (a beautiful design that aims to be aesthetically pleasing while saving space in your home), to the Bit series (a versatile piece for your house that is made from 100% recycled plastic - a great story for your guests!). The lookbook “Feel the Hygge inside and Out” can be viewed on the Instant Services HK Website.


Normann Copenhagen has also expanded its stores and concepts globally, now featuring flagship stores in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, allowing for more people to experience the brand first hand and to help the local communities to grow.