Enjoy the Show in a “New Vision” ArtSeat

Leisure and Cultural Services Department24 Jan 2022

[The following content is provided by Leisure and Cultural Services Department]


One of the central tenets of “New Vision” (New Vision Arts Festival) is that art is omnipresent and formalities are optional — including the chair you sit on. Anything goes: you can be tall or short, anti-social or gregarious…


You’ll feel at home in a “New Vision” ArtSeat.


Local designer Dylan Kwok enlists three other creators — Eva Leung, Ivan Lai, Brian Lee — to produce this special collection of ArtSeats. Whether you’re waiting for a show to begin or attending a talk, comfort awaits you.


Get yourself an ArtSeat.

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Queuer Seat

Eva Leung (Product Designer)

We are surrounded by art. Even while waiting for a performance, you can come face to face with unique experiences our creative team has provided. People often turn up to a performance 10 or 15 minutes before curtain time: they find a place to sit in the lobby, browsing other festival programmes; perhaps they just want to read the programme booklet ahead of the show. Venue staff also needs a place to sit in order to service incoming audiences, whether to answer enquiries or check tickets.


The “Queuer Seat” utilises multiple “Open Connectors” – a metal structure with wooden planks and timbre blocks of different lengths and sizes attached, stacked up to three or four levels. Because of the beams and apertures, a Queuer Seat is no longer just a spot to sit on, but a receptacle for promotional materials, posters, video projections, even a chair used in the reception area. In addition to its various uses, the multi-opening design allows us to fasten additional wood planks, creating useful household furniture both in form and function!








Viewer Seat

Ivan Lai (Designer)

The “Viewer Seat” is specially designed for the black box theatre as small-scale sofa sets, with the goal to alter conventional seating, thus providing a radically different viewing experience. These seats come in various sizes and can accommodate up to four people. To accommodate sightlines for audience members of varying heights, respective wooden feet of each set are interchangeable. These sofas come with four seatbacks with adjustable depths, thus offering a completely unique theatrical experience for each audience member!








STAGE (Speaker Seat)

Brian Lee (Product Designer)

Your best partner on stage is perhaps a creative team, an actor, or just an inanimate object. STAGE is a seat specially designed for the stage, so that a performer can sit back and appreciate its support as he or she interacts with the public. Such a seat also renders privacy and security, so the sitter can shine all the more on “the stage on a stage”.


At the same time, STAGE is also made with the backstage crew in mind, balancing actual weight with visual aesthetics. Apart from being easy to move, it vies to be a beloved object both on and off stage.


Let it be the performer’s greatest partner!