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Great British Design: Designing a Life: A Cross Cultural Journey | BODW 2020

·3 December, 2020


The Great British Design series features on-location videos of 14 creative thought leaders from the UK, who share how design can address topical challenges and change the world.




Prof. Kai-Yin Lo SBS

Prof. Cross Culture, Art and Cultural Advisor | Jewellery and Accessories Designer, HK



Designing a Life: A Cross Cultural Journey covers Kai-Yin Lo’s multi-faceted career as a world famous historian, curator and pioneering jewellery and accessories designer. She is the first Professor, Cross Culture, at Central St Martins, University of the Arts London, instrumental in melding cultural and design heritages of the East and West.


Kai-Yin Lo is a recipient of the Hong Kong Design Centre’s award ‘World’s Leading Chinese Designer’ in 2007. She brings vision and insight to art, design, culture and business.