Queenie Man

Founder & CEO

The Project Futurus · Hong Kong

Queenie is the Founder & CEO of The Project Futurus, a social enterprise that is committed to promoting the future of aging. She is also the Managing Director at Forward Living Senior Community and Culture Homes overseeing elderly services. Queenie had worked as a global brand strategist prior to joining the eldercare industry. Queenie established The Project Futurus hoping to transform the way people perceive aging through advocacy, education, and community service, while making it relevant to the consumers of tomorrow through products, service and social innovation. Queenie established “Captain Softmeal” (軟餐俠) to raise awareness on dysphagia health and dining with dignity. Queenie also created a community project in 2021 named “Sensory Restaurant on Wheels” (流動五感大茶樓) that aims to recreate a nostalgic dim sum experience for elders living with dementia.


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