Timeless Composure: Design Philosophy of Chi Wing Lo

Chi Wing Lo, founder of Dimensione Chi Wing Lo, is a multi-disciplinary designer whose works span architecture, sculpture, interior, furniture, and industrial design. In 2015, he was awarded the World's Outstanding Chinese Designer, and his prolific output has gained recognition within and beyond the esteemed circle of contemporary Italian design. Despite his success, Lo remains grounded in his Chinese roots, subtly infusing them into his striking yet modest designs.  

Editorial Team09 Oct 2023

Born in Hong Kong, based in Italy, Chi Wing Lo is a creative force to be reckoned with. With a portfolio encompassing architecture, sculpture, interior, furniture, and industrial design, he has established a reputation for his evocative thoughts, graceful forms, and meticulous attention to details. Calm, sophisticated, and demure are the hallmarks of his work, reminiscent of his Chinese roots. His solo art and design exhibitions, such as ESSENCE CHI WING LO at the China Design Museum and SCHOLARLY IMPLEMENTS at the Xiling Seal Art Society Gallery in Hangzhou, showcase his talent and versatility. A speaker at BODW 2022, Lo defines sustainable design as any timeless classic that endures in both aesthetics and function.