Advance Denim


Advance Denim, which was established in 1987, has the distinction of being the oldest denim manufacturer in China, with more than 1100 employees, it supplies over 40 million yards of high-quality denim to renowned brands around the globe from its Chinese and Vietnamese facilities.


Advance Denim has dedicated its efforts around the core beliefs of sustainability, innovation, service, quality and people. The company is committed to making the most sustainable denim possible and has set ambitous strategic plan of using over 90% green fibers in all styles, as well as reducing the Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions per 10,000 meters by 30% (from a 2017 base-year) by 2030.


Advance Denim has established a state-of-the-art “Advance Water Circularity” that cleans and recycles the effluent for maximum sustainable water management. The advanced wastewater recycling system is capable of processing up to 9,000 tons of wastewater per day. Up to 70% of the treated water can be recycled back into the production process to ensure that water can be reused to keep the water circulating for as long as possible.


In 2020, Advanced Denim introduced Bigbox dyeing, which saves up to 94% of the water needed to dye indigo without compromising the consistency of traditional rope dyed indigo denim. This revolutionary dyeing technology can also effectively reduce energy and chemical comsumption. Wasterwaster emissions can be drastically reduced by up to 97%.  


In an effort to implement a cleaner, safer dye process, Advance Denim also uses its own proprietary BioBlue dye system to reduce indigo to its leuco-form without using the toxic and flammable chemical, sodium hydrosulfite. The effluent resulted has lower COD and BOD values as well, so there is less impact on the environment.


Advance Denim is committed to produce high quality denim with minimal environmental impact. The company believes that its passion for true vintage denim—made in the most sustainable way possible—will further aid its future growth.