Grow Your Innovation Potential with Creative Leadership

Rama Gheerawo, Online

Creative Leadership is a new idea for leadership training that is taking the world by storm. Led by Rama Gheerawo, who launched his new book "Creative Leadership: Born from Design" this year, this workshop will introduce you to ideas to transform your individual and organisational practice.



There are many leadership programmes that benefit corporations and companies. Creative Leadership focuses on humans – it is based on three human values of empathy, clarity and creativity which the workshop leaders have used internationally with major companies. Join thousands of people across the globe who are using these ideas to grow their knowledge of innovation and creative potential.


• Empathic leadership is on the rise. See how to grow applications for you.
• See how clarity can help sharpen your instincts and application.
• Step beyond outdated leadership models and embrace creativity as part of your daily practice.



Workshop Rundown:

Time (3 hours)   Description
30 minutes           Introduction and Ice-breaker activities (break-out session)
30 minutes           Building Block 1: Why do we need Creative Leadership?
5 minutes             Break
25 minutes           Activity 1: Building leadership capabilities (break-out session)
30 minutes           Building Block 2: Empathy, Clarity, Creativity
5 minutes             Break
25 minutes           Building Block 3 (break-out session)
20 minutes           Case Studies
10 minutes           Q&A session

28 Oct 2022
HKG | 15:00 - 18:00 (GMT+8)
NYC | 03:00 - 06:00 (GMT-4)
LDN | 08:00 - 11:00 (GMT+1)
HKD 1380
Venue / Country
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Language: English


Format: Remote workshop through video conferencing and digital workplace app; short lectures; group exercises


Target Audience: Designers and non-designers, marketers, business leaders, academics, students. Emerging leaders and those who were never billed to be leaders are welcomed.


Max Capacity: 25 pax



  • An understanding of Creative Leadership and its three values

  • Practical experience of applying them

  • Tools to use the very next day

  • Innovative ways to brainstorm in groups and as an individual

  • Group exercises to raise your personal level of creativity and leadership

  • Leadership models drawn from business practice e.g. Harvard Business Review

  • Understanding the role of design methods in business and innovation leadership

  • Understanding of what 21st century leadership looks like

  • Being a good leader versus being a good manager

  • Demonstration of the value through ‘case studies’

  • Individual and group feedback


*Registration on a first-come-first-served basis




30 minutes


30 minutes

Building Block 1: Why do we need Creative Leadership?

25 minutes

Activity 1: Building leadership capabilities (break-out session)

30 minutes

Building Block 2: Empathy, Clarity, Creativity

25 minutes

Building Block 3 (break-out session)

20 minutes

Case Studies

10 minutes

Q&A session