Closing the Loop in Sustainable Apparel | BODW 2020

03 Dec 2020

Brands are struggling to persevere in the current pandemic and economic downturn. Creativity, human-centred design and smart use of technology remain key drivers for brand resilience. With different business ecosystem actors in play, we bring you visionaries and branding experts to look at the art, craft and design of brands that bring empathy, authenticity, meaning, refreshing and yet lasting experience. The collection of inspirations, insights and emerging practices will help to shape new business strategy and models, and open up new ways of marketing, storytelling and customer engagement.





Ronna Chao

Chairperson, Novetex Textiles Limited, HK


Walden Lam

Co-founder, unspun, HK





Janice Wang

CEO, Alvanon, HK