Day 2 Closing Dialogue | BODW 2023

30 Nov 2023

In a world grappling with critical environmental challenges, it has become imperative to accelerate sustainable design innovations. Join our dialogue featuring Robert Lockyer, Delicia Tan and Yao Yingjia. Together, they will delve into the intricacies of embracing sustainable innovations for design. From the complexities of eco-friendly materials to reimagining production processes, this discussion promises fresh insights and actionable strategies for a greener, more sustainable future in design.






Delicia Tan

Co-CEO, Greater China & CEO, Hong Kong, Edelman, Hong Kong


Robert Gatti

Creative Director, Decathlon North Asia, The Mainland


Robert Lockyer

Founder & Chief Client Officer, Delta Global, United Kingdom


Yao Yingjia

Vice President, Group Lotus, United Kingdom





Darren Chuckry

Executive Director of Content Innovation, Tag, Hong Kong