“DFA Awards 2021” TV Special
Spotlighting the 2021 Winners

DFA Awards22 Dec 2021


[The following content is provided by DFA Awards]


To honour and recognise all the winners in 2021, a TV special “DFA Awards 2021” is produced to review the exceptional design talents in Asia and the influences behind their works. The TV Special showcases highlights from this year’s awards, including introductions to the DFA Awards 2021’s three trailblazers from DFA Lifetime Achievement Award, DFA Design Leadership Award, and DFA World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer, the DFA Design for Asia Awards winners, and DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent recipients. The TV Special also features commentary from the participating judging panel, giving insights into the decision-making process and winning projects, and is now available on DFA Awards’ Production and TV Broadcaster ViuTV’s website and mobile application. Seize the opportunity to relive the TV special before it is taken down!


Watch now: https://viu.tv/encore/dfa-awards-2021