Heritage in the City: Preserving Urban Legacies | KODW 2023

14 Jun 2023

As cities across Asia undergo accelerated urbanisation, governments and businesses are faced with daily challenges to innovate for the future while preserving the past.  Creative minds are adept at harnessing the unique power of design to transform urban life while preserving legacies, thereby revitalising dormant communities.


Teo Yang, from Korea, and Francesca Valsecchi, from Tongji University in Shanghai, are among the inventive forces that have made significant progress in achieving these goals.  They demonstrate how modernity and tradition can coexist through creative intervention, extensive research, and thoughtful design. Their projects encourage dialogue between the old and the new, contributing to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the shared cultural heritage as a source of inspiration.





Teo Yang

Creative Director, Teo Yang Studio, Korea


Prof. Francesca Valsecchi

Associate Professor, Tongji University College of Design and Innovation, The Mainland




Clover Lee

Director, plusClover, Hong Kong