Innovative Cultural Storytelling for the City | KODW 2023

14 Jun 2023



d'strict, a trailblazing South Korean company, has gained worldwide recognition for its visually stunning fusion of content and digital media technology.  Their distinctive approach to cultural storytelling has enabled businesses to communicate brand values and mission in a remarkably engaging manner.


At d'strict's world-renowned ARTE MUSEUM, immersive media art exhibitions transport visitors on a multisensory journey, combining sound, scents, and visual curation.  In this keynote, L. J. Kim, Executive Director of LIVX Division of d'strict, will present a selection of the company’s past, present, and future projects, including the upcoming global branches of ARTE MUSEUM.  This presentation will spark a conversation on the power of innovative cultural storytelling to engage with local communities and democratise art experiences on a global scale.





L. J. Kim

Executive Director LIVX Division, d’strict, Korea




Levina Li

Co-founder & Director, Art-Partners, Hong Kong