Redefining Denim with Sustainable Craftmanship

19 Apr 2024

In the dynamic world of denim, Hiro Yoshikawa stands as a trailblazer, challenging the conventional norms with a profound commitment to sustainability. The concept of sustainable denim, often considered an oxymoron, finds new meaning in Hiro's vision. His mission is nothing short of revolutionary – replacing the traditional cotton with his unique WASHI paper fabric using Japanese handmade paper “WASHI”. The avant-garde material, developed in-house over the course of a decade, redefines denim craftsmanship and paves the way for a more eco-conscious future in fashion. 


Hiro's roots trace back to a family legacy spanning 350 years in the art of sake brewing in Japan, a heritage that undoubtedly shapes his unique perspective. Today, based in Hong Kong, he carries this legacy forward, infusing the realm of denim with a blend of tradition and innovation. His journey becomes a compelling narrative, weaving together the threads of heritage, sustainability, and the relentless pursuit of a greener fashion landscape.