Redefining Good Design for Healthy Consumerism | KODW 2023

14 Jun 2023

Ming Foundation Presents:


What Design Can Do (WDCD) is an esteemed international organisation known for their innovative programmes that bring together diverse sectors to tackle social challenges and promote a sustainable world through design-driven innovations.  Richard van der Laken, Co-founder of WDCD, has become a prominent voice in this field due to his unique approach that focuses on inclusivity, collaboration, and creativity.


Van der Laken believes design can have a significant impact on consumer behaviours, business strategies, policymaking and planetary health.  Thought-provoking and witty, he will discuss the impact of “good and bad design” in these areas in this keynote, complementing with examples that work (and don't work) in order to call upon the audience to work towards design-driven change that is beneficial to all.





Richard van der Laken

Co-founder & Creative Director, What Design Can Do, The Netherlands




Sarah Mui

Co-founder & Design Director, One Bite Design Studio, Hong Kong