Saving the Planet: Impactful Design & Sustainability​   | BODW 2022

As the linear ‘take, make, waste’ system is extensively studied, eco-friendly industry players are now armed with new knowledge to make a meaningful change. The works of these industry leaders are testimony to the importance of research.

02 Dec 2022

In the eyes of eco-conscious consumers, sustainability is one of the hallmarks of good design. While designers and manufacturers actively search for ways to improve their creations, collaborating with eco-friendly partners and shifting to environmental responsible practices are becoming equally important. We draw on the experiences of two design practitioners to see what these new standards of operation mean to their work.







Antoine Besseyre des Horts

Leader, LIXIL Global Design, Asia

LIXIL · Singapore


Ondřej Koc

Co-founder & CSO

Cementum, s.r.o · The Czech Republic





Patrick Bruce

Founding Director

The Oval Partnership Limited · Hong Kong