Time for Change

Founder of CIGA Design, an award-winning watch brand from China, and renowned industrial designer Zhang Jianmin, shared how he has brought his brainchild to the international arena and garnered the utmost recognitions by returning to the fundamentals of design and paying tribute to the Chinese wisdom and culture. 

Editorial Team27 Feb 2023

With design prowess and unique aesthetics, successful Chinese brands translate the country’s rich heritage and traditional culture into brand values and innovations like no other - CIGA Design is one of them. 


One of the Business of Design Week (BODW) 2022 speakers, Zhang Jianmin, Founder and President of CIGA Design, is one of China's pioneering industrial designers. After 24 years of career in the design industry, Zhang started his second career and founded CIGA Design in 2016, China's first designer watch brand, seeking to surpass the existing watch-making norm and create his one-of-its-kind timepieces inspired by the ancient Chinese wisdom and the unique concept of time since thousands of years ago.