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AI & Drones on the Frontline: Can Big Data Save Us? | KODW 2020

·27 August, 2020


AI & Drones on the Frontline: Can Big Data Save Us?  |  KODW 2020


Coronavirus outbreak has urged governments and organisations around the world to deploy AI and big data to aid the fight in wide-ranging contexts.


One of the silver linings from the pandemic is the surge of interest in exploring the potential of AI in public safety and healthcare. How can we leverage emerging technologies and big data to make smarter decisions and assist in disaster relief?


Romeo will share about the lessons learned from deploying drones in disaster scenes and how to apply machine learning to create solutions. Romeo and Toa will discuss how to prepare for a data-driven future together.




Romeo Durscher

Senior Director of Public Safety Integration, DJI, US






Dr. Toa Charm

Chairman, OpenCertHub, HK