Creative Leadership

Creative Entrepreneurs & Industry Disruptors | KODW 2021

·23 June, 2021


Hong Kong’s leading disruptors will share their compelling stories of how adopting a creative mindset can drive success across gaming, travel, television and fashion.


Putting customers first is all about design thinking, empathy, agility and innovations that win the hearts of customers. Here, creative leaders will inspire you to challenge your own assumptions and think differently. Be the maverick who challenges the old ways and blazes a new path forward!




Eric Gnock Fah

Co-founder & COO, Klook Travel · HK


Juliette Gimenez

CEO & Co-founder, Goxip · HK

Lofai Lo

Director & General Manager, ViuTV · HK


Yat Siu

Co-founder & Chairman, Animoca Brands · HK


Carrie Chan

Chief Executive Officer, Avant Meats Company Limited · HK




Darren Chuckry

Chair HK | Managing Partner, Marketing Society | HK Initiative, HK