Creative Power of Generative AI | KODW 2023

15 Jun 2023

The use of generative AI in enhancing business branding, marketing and operation has taken the world by storm. Industry leaders are investigating its potential to drive changes, improve efficiency, and collect insights and analytics with greater accuracy. In the design realm, its ability to streamline creative processes and inspire creativity is also transforming the workings of the whole industry. In this panel, experts will discuss the trends, tools, strategies and controversies surrounding generative AI’s commercial and design applications, as well as the limitations, ethical implications and education that must be considered prior to implementation.






Maggie Wong

CEO, Wunderman Thompson Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Dr Fan Ling

Founder & CEO,, The Mainland

Director, Tongji University Design AI Lab, PhD Supervisor, The Mainland


Fred Sheu

National Technology Officer, Microsoft Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong




Darren Chuckry