Designing for Public Good | BODW 2023

29 Nov 2023

Zolima CityMag Curated Panel:


Architecture can make the world a better place. But how? Join us for a panel discussion with Gilles Vanderstocken and Irene Cheng, as they delve into the world of designing for the public good. Discover how they have transformed drab spaces into vibrant, interactive experiences that resonate with the unique character of their surroundings, while also being environmentally responsible. Explore the power of design in enhancing public spaces, fostering a sense of community, and creating environments that serve the greater good.






Gilles Vanderstocken

Founder & Director | Chartered Member, BEAU Architects | Royal Institute of British Architects, Hong Kong


Irene Cheng

Co-founder & Design Principal, HIR Studio, Hong Kong





Christopher DeWolf

Managing Editor, Zolima CityMag, Hong Kong