DFA Design for Asia Awards – Grand Awards’ Judges’ Comments

DFA Awards29 Dec 2021


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Since its launch in 2003, the DFA Design for Asia Awards, one of the programmes of the DFA Awards which are organised by Hong Kong Design Centre, has served to celebrate design excellence and acknowledge outstanding designs with Asian perspectives. It has been a stage upon which design talents and corporations can showcase their design projects internationally.


The Awards’ international judging panel comprises experienced design professionals and experts. In 2021, 180 winners through rounds of judging and deliberation were conferred. These awards include 12 Grand Awards, six Grand Award with Special Mention and 162 Category Awards.


The DFA Awards has invited a distinguished panel of judges to share their comments on the DFA Design for Asia Awards – Grand Award’s winning projects.



DFA Design for Asia Awards - Grand Award

A New Newspaper in Education
Agenda for Art and Design Education | Taiwan


Judge Sharing:
“We were impressed with the submission because it took a very human-centered design view by relating issues from children's daily lives to provoke their interests, combining attractive graphic design with informative content to supplement teenagers’ classroom learning experiences.”
Tony Wong, Managing Director - IDEO



DESIGN TRUST FUTURES STUDIO: Transformation of Yi Pei Square Playground


Judge Sharing:
“By adopting the communal living room design concept, the team has turned the public area into a gathering place for people of all ages, given a unique sense of place and a strong sense of community.”
Edmund Lee, Former Executive Director - Hong Kong Design Centre



Farewell Platform
YU Momoeda Architects | Japan


Judge Sharing:
“At the station, people line up to take journeys to different places and at the funeral hall, people line up to see the deceased depart to the crematorium. There is something unifying and comforting with a similar scene happening next to one another, allowing the funeral hall to be a natural part of this city in Nagasaki Prefecture.”
Mark Dytham, Co-founder - Klein Dytham architecture



GREEN @ COMMUNITY – Recycling Stores
Environmental Protection Department, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region | Hong Kong

Judge Sharing:
“It’s a well-conceived design project that provides essential service for our lives - proving that good concept and practice in design, besides solving problems, also contribute to life enhancement in the living environment.”
Kai-Yin Lo, Chairman - Yin Expressions Limited



Kumamoto Castle Reconstruction Observation Path

Judge Sharing:
“To construct the deck, it was not possible to dig the foundation into the ground without damaging the existing cultural assets. Therefore, it was carefully installed using high-level technology.”
Kazuo Tanaka, CEO - GK Design Group Inc.



The Relic Shelter—Fuzhou Teahouse
Neri&Hu Design and Research Office | Mainland China

Judge Sharing:
“The Fuzhou tea house pays tribute to Chinese heritage through innovative perspectives that preserve and even reimagine our traditional culture and identity.”
Steve Leung, Founder - Steve Leung Design Group Ltd.


Yamaha Corporation | Japan

Judge Sharing:
“One of the main benefits that I particularly like is the fact that you can play the instrument silently so it doesn’t disturb the neighbours - also it can record as you play and change from soprano to alto, tenor, and even baritone.”
Paul Priestman, Chairman - Priestmangoode



ZOZO, Inc., Head Office Building
Hiroshi Nakamura &NAP / TAKENAKA CORPORATION | Japan

Judge Sharing:
“The ZOZO Head Office Building in Japan revolutionised the typical workspace by shaping a groundbreaking office environment, defined by suspended rules, high ceilings, and ample spatial fluidity that strongly encourage a deeper sense of connection and interaction among people working there.”
Steve Leung, Founder - Steve Leung Design Group Ltd.


DFA Design for Asia Awards - Grand Award & Grand Award for Culture

The Painted Screen: Past and Future
Phoenix Publishing House | Mainland China

Judge Sharing:
“The binding, the materials and the printing of the book are very unique. And the overall composition, especially the typography, the grid and the space arrangement, totally incorporates the spirit of the traditional Chinese screens.”
David Lo, Vice Chairman – Hong Kong Design Centre



DFA Design for Asia Awards - Grand Award & Grand Award for Sustainability

WaterHall Project
Orient Occident Atelier | OOA | Hong Kong

Judge Sharing:
“This impressive project not only eliminates health problems caused by the environment and some age-old customs, but also celebrates traditions by creating an unlikely social venue for gatherings, celebrations and community festivities.”
William Harald-Wong, Principal & Design Director - William Harald-Wong & Associates Sdn Bhd