DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award – A Legend of Creativity: Episode 1

20 DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award (HKYDTA) alumni share their stories of design and creativity.

DFA Awards20 Mar 2023

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Since its establishment in 2005, DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award (HKYDTA) has been aiming at recognising and nurturing creative local young design talent, providing them with the opportunities to study and work abroad.


In this video series, 20 HKYDTA alumni share their stories, from starting their own businesses, transforming dreams into actions, to succeeding in the creative industry. They have brought Hong Kong designs to the world, and contributed to our local design industry with international elements.



Episode 1:

Prudence Mak, Creative Director | Chocolate Rain

Karr Yip, Director | ADO Culture

Hei Shing Chan, Founder | Hei Shing Book Design

Otto Tang, Founder & Design Director | Oplus2

Michael Leung, Founder | Studio AA

Dylan Kwok, Design consultant & Creative Head | Kwok Dylan

Chris Cheung, Artist & Creative & Artistic Director| XCEPT / XCEED

Quai Chan, Founder & Creative Director | Hejhejhej Studio

Soilworm Lai, Co-founder | STICKYLINE

Kay Wong, Founder| Fashion Clinic