Exploring the Future of Wearable Technologies | BODW 2023

01 Dec 2023

Dive into the ever-evolving realm of mixed reality, with a dedicated focus on the design of wearable devices and their impact on retail experiences. Join us for an insightful discussion on the latest innovations that are pushing the boundaries of immersive technology. Uncover how industry leaders are redefining the way we engage with digital content and transforming the dynamics of business-to-consumer interactions. Get ready for an exciting journey into the dynamic world that seamlessly bridges the gap between the virtual and physical realms.






Cai Yangwu

UCD Project Leader, Huawei, The Mainland


Tony Chin

Founder & CEO | General Manager, FLARE Asia Holdings Limited | Hong Kong Spinners Group, The Mainland





Prof. Viveca Chan

Founder & Chairman | Vice Chairman, WE Marketing Group | Hong Kong Design Centre, Hong Kong