Inspiring Change with Visual Communication   | BODW 2022

Design empowers us to develop responsible solutions to current issues such as waste or climate change. Big, profound change could begin with little things - a small idea, a new creation, or even a choice of colour, could push the right buttons and bring significant impact to the way we live, produce and consume. Here, we study interesting cases brought by some of the most detail-minded and observant designers and see how details matter in a big way. 

03 Dec 2022

Design has tremendous power in shaping our world into a thriving, resilient and loveable place. Governments and their policy making would play a crucial role, setting the table for design-led innovation to shine. And to meet our needs and aspirations, how should individuals, communities, public and private agencies work together and co-create design solutions? We look at the work from best industry bodies of the world for inspirations. 






Kaori Akiyama

Founder & Designer



Sarah Mui

Co-founder & Design Director

One Bite Design Studio Limited · Hong Kong





Ikko Yokoyama

Lead Curator, Design & Architecture

M+ · Hong Kong