InvestHK ASEAN Webinar - Practical Tips and Experience Sharing for Setting up in the GBA via Hong Kong for the Lifestyle and Creative Industries (30/8/2022)

Veterans and experts in the lifestyle and creative industries will share insights and practical experiences in their development in GBA

InvestHK08 Aug 2022


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ASEAN is one of Hong Kong's most important trading partner and became the second largest trading partner in 2020. Hong Kong is also an important entrepôt for merchandise trade between ASEAN and Mainland China. In recent years, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) has become a huge market to global business – a market with 86 million population and robust economic growth. There are many advantages Hong Kong is able to offer to entrepreneurs in ASEAN to leverage on Hong Kong to further expand into the GBA. This event allows you to interact with veterans and experts in the lifestyle and creative industries, who will also share with you their insights and practical experience of development in GBA.


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