Sustainable Disruption: Driving Innovation in Entrenched Industries | BODW 2023

01 Dec 2023

Technology can help to create a better future. Simultaneously, it can also hinder our ability to envision that future, as it often leads us to myopic thinking. When we're glued to our screens, we don't look beyond the immediate suggestions or posts. Similarly, digitally driven organizations develop their portfolios on the basis of short-term data cues. To create solutions for the future, we need to overcome this myopic perspective and embrace an open and long-term mindset.

In this talk, Dr. Roland van der Vorst Head of Innovation for Rabobank (one of the world's largest Food and Ag banks) and CEO of Rabo Carbon Bank, will talk about his new book and show how he is building a global sustainability business on the fringes of the bank. More in particular, he will share how he is creating an open and innovative mindset into a highly regulated environment.






Dr Roland van der Vorst

Head of Innovation | CEO, Rabobank | Rabo Carbon Bank, The Netherlands