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Smart Living, Smart Working | KODW 2021

·23 June, 2021


Amid technological progress, we have been fast to embrace digitisation. Digital transformation, through the Internet of Things (IoT), can no doubt build a better future with higher productivity. But when smart cities are awash with connected devices, challenges on charting the course for work-life balance is ever more challenging. Join the discourse with our industry leaders on how best to address people’s concerns on, for example, technology’s infringement on one’s privacy and to strike a balance with good design that places people’s aspirations, needs and wellbeing at the centre.



Jens-Peter Brauner

CEO, Siemens Mobility Ltd, HK


Ren Yee

Director of Designer/Strategies | Head of Innovation Stragey and Forcasting

UNSense | UNStudio, The Netherlands


Cally Chan

General Manager, Microsoft, HK