Pioneering Innovation in Vibrant, Sustainable and Resilient Architecture

Sara Klomps from Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) has played integral roles in various cultural, civic, and infrastructure scheme projects around the world. She is now based in Hong Kong and leading ZHA's key project in the territory, The Henderson. Klomps recognises the importance of both blue and green infrastructures in building a climate-resilient city, and advocates for collaborative efforts to drive mindset change and bring this vision to fruition in her masterplan.

Editorial Team21 Nov 2023

As Director of Zaha Hadid Architects, Sara Klomps' architectural footprints span the globe over her 24-year tenure with the firm. Currently leading the firm's key project in Hong Kong, The Henderson, Klomps passionately believes that architecture can play a vital role in responding to environmental challenges. She and her team are committed to experimenting with new approaches and pushing boundaries to lead the industry forward in mitigating the adverse effects of climate changes. They take concrete steps to build blue-and-green-conscious urban spaces that prioritise sustainability alongside design and functionality. Klomps envisions a concerted effort among all stakeholders, from architects and engineers to environmental consultants, mechanical and ventilation designers, developers, and policymakers, to embrace regulations and work towards building a more climate-resilient city.


Klomps regularly lectures on construction methodology and concrete design for architecture schools and industry events, and is a registered architect in both the UK and Germany.