Central Market: Urban placemaking at its best

Chinachem Group17 Jan 2022


[The following content is provided by Chinachem Group]


“Our vision for Central Market is for it to be a playground for all” observes Chinachem CEO, Donald Choi. “There are shops and stalls for your daily needs, gifts or treats to buy, places to relax, plus restaurants and takeaways for quick snacks or meals with friends. This inclusivity we’ve created is a perfect example of placemaking, a space that’s owned by everyone.” Translating Donald’s vision for this remarkable 12,000sqm site, right in the heart of the city, were Shadow Design partners, Benjamin Lam and Chan Kin Cheong. Their approach to making this key destination welcoming to all, has been to remove the traditional boundaries found in mixed retail environments. The open flowing atmosphere they’ve created, encouraging social interaction between people as they use or traverse through the space, is key to making Central Market feel relevant and universally accessible. Where divisions are required, the designers have used materials, ensuring there’s always clear sight lines through the space, encouraging visitors to roam, explore and uncover the multi-purpose features of this three-level venue.