Dutch Inspirations in China

New film from CreativeNL provides insight into the innovative power of Dutch architecture



The film Architecture and Innovation: A Dutch Perspective focuses on projects by Dutch urban planners and architects, who have long prepared to collaborate with water through study and practice. Their experiences, coupled with the Dutch's habit of making the most of existing situations (instead of tearing things down and starting over), now creates opportunities for Dutch designers to build a new reality abroad, such as in China.  


Check out the ground-breaking works from leading studios MVRDV, MLA+, INBO and more, and discover the Dutch solutions against problems related to climate change, rising sea levels, migration, nature and agriculture that demonstrates the value of Dutch architecture in the global context, and its innovative power that inspire us to move towards a sustainable and circular society.


CreativeNL is the Dutch platform for international-oriented companies and institutions from the creative industry.


“Lucky Knot” Bridge by NEXT Architects (Photo by Julien Lanoo, Courtesy of NEXT Architects) 


Source: CreativeNL