Dynamic Leadership: Embracing Creativity, Clarity & Empathy | KODW 2023

15 Jun 2023

In the 21st century, traditional models of leadership have proven to be inadequate for the unprecedented challenges we face. Rama Gheerawo, author of Creative Leadership: Born from Design, believes the answer lies in creativity and presents a ground-breaking approach that re-examines the essential qualities of today’s leaders.  The approach emerged from a single insight: we need creatives who are leaders, and leaders who are creative. 


Empathy is often spoken as a rising leadership quality, but what other values balance it? What is a quick and easy way to access inclusivity? Is there a leadership model that is relevant for innovators, designers and creatives? Through addressing these questions, Gheerawo provides a much-needed roadmap for future leaders to drive positive change and make meaningful impact in their respective roles.


The keynote will be followed by an engaging fireside chat between Gheerawo and Queenie Man.






Rama Gheerawo
Director, The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art, United Kingdom




Queenie Man

Founder & CEO, The Project Futurus Limited, Hong Kong