IDK Design Thinking Case Stories: Season 1

Eight innovation stories from Hong Kong to inspire how design thinking has brought about positive change in varied sectors

Institute of Design Knowledge13 May 2022

[The following content is provided by Institute of Design Knowledge]


Why is design thinking regarded as one of the world’s most influential innovative mindsets? Widely adopted in product, business and policy innovation by designers, companies and think tanks worldwide, this human-centred innovative approach is fostering a new force in Hong Kong.


Institute of Design Knowledge (IDK) of Hong Kong Design Centre reached out to local design thinkers from design, business, education and social innovation sectors, who exemplify how positive change has been brought about with design thinking.


The first season consists of eight video stories, featuring themes on creativity education, placemaking, needfinding, co-creation, business and social innovation.


Season 1 Episodes:

  • Social Welfare: Amy Chan, Chair, Child Development Initiative Alliance
  • Humanistic Education: Wong Pui Pui, Programme Director, Jockey Club MAKER+ Innovative Curriculum
  • Co-creation: Ray Wong, Boardgame designer
  • Business Innovation: Jennifer Tsui, Founder, MasterX
  • Needfinding: Emily Tang, Co-founder, Studio Doozy
  • Placemaking: Alan Cheung, Co-founder, One Bite Design Studio
  • Innovation Technology: Anson Suen, Co-founder, FundPark
  • Creativity Education: Dr Angelina Lo, Founder, CreativeKids


Full-length articles are also available on the IDK website (In Chinese Only):