Making Sustainability Palatable | BODW 2021

02 Dec 2021

Sustainable food practices are gaining ground across the globe. But making sure we have access to safe, nutritious and sustainable food without undermining the culinary experience is one of the biggest challenges for many restaurant owners. Leading chefs are eager to make their mark in this space. In Asia, initiatives such as Zero Food print Asia are mobilising restaurants to directly support improvements in the food system and help reverse climate change. As the world kickstarts a post-Covid 19 recovery, we look at how the industry is reshaping and reimagining the guest experience.




Peggy Chan

Principal Chef-Consultant, Grassroots Initiatives | Executive Director, Zero Foodprint Asia, HK


Richard Ekkebus

Director of Culinary Operations and F&B, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, HK





Janice Leung Hayes

Food writer, producer, sustainability advocate, Honestly Green, HK