New Book Recommendation: Change Begins with Design

The newly published Change Begins with Design by Hong Kong Design Centre, takes a deep dive into how 12 Hong Kong design companies shape the future with design.

BODW CityProg22 Jul 2022

Hot off the press is new release Change Begins with Design.



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Design is like oxygen – a necessity in life, and with it comes change far beyond our imagination.  


To celebrate Hong Kong Design Centre’s 20th anniversary, we took a look back to look forward, and launched the new initiative Design !n Action as a concurrent programme of BODW City Programme (CityProg) 2021.  


The newly published Change Begins with Design, features the stories and interviews of 12 Hong Kong design companies which took part in Design !n Action, taking a deep dive into how these companies shape the future with design.   


Lamborghini Hong Kong led a group of OpenHouse!HK’s participating students to visit the brand’s showroom.



To promote the concept of “Business of Good” and nurture the next generation, Design !n Action had successfully brought together more than 40 companies and launched two projects – Design Explorer and OpenHouse! HK.  


Some 200 students from more than 20 tertiary, secondary and primary schools were given the chance to experience design up close, entice their interest and equip themselves for the industry at an early age.  


Renowned lighting designer Tino Kwan believes that field inspection is an essential part of the lighting design process. Tino led OpenHouse! HK’s participating students to a Japanese restaurant featuring his works and shared his insights with the group.



Gathering creative partners from all walks of life, Design !n Action utilised their resources and professional knowledge for Creating Shared Value, together making a positive impact with design.  


Professor Eric Yim, Chairman of Hong Kong Design Centre, is especially proud of this new initiative. 


“We hope to empower youngsters who are interested in design. The initiative allowed those who are interested to join the industry to immerse themselves in the real world of design.” Yim said. 


"The exposure to different design values will stimulate their creativity and enhance Hong Kong’s creative ecosystem in the long run.” 


James Law Cybertecture brought the Design Explorer students outdoors for a visit to the group’s famous OPod 1.



Many misunderstand design and even find it irrelevant to their life, but Dr Joseph Wong, Executive Director of Hong Kong Design Centre, hopes that Design !n Action can breathe new life in design for the younger generation.


“I have given talks at numerous secondary schools in the past. I found that many students, and even teachers, believed design is a single subject curriculum, but that is far from the truth,” Wong said.  


“I hope that Design !n Action can change the stereotype of design and encourage the youth to connect with design.”  


Yim added that while some students are keen on design, they do not have a chance to further explore the subject. He hopes the Design !n Action series can unearth new talent. 


"We hope that some high-potential design talents can equip themselves from a young age and thrive in the future,” he said.


During the visit to Steve Leung Design Group’s office, OpenHouse!HK’s participating students took a sneak peek of a day in the life of a designer.



The designers and companies that collaborated with Design !n Action last year are all renowned within and beyond the industry. It was a rare occasion of high-calibre representatives to participate in a single industry initiative. It is impressive to witness these esteemed professionals take time out of their busy schedules to curate activities and cultivate the next generation of designers.  


The line-up included supercar brand Lamborghini, world-renowned lighting designer Tino Kwan and leading architecture firms James Law Cybertecture, Steve Leung Design Group and Ronald Lu and Partners. With the help of this pool of remarkable talent, the students were able to discover the real world of design.    


Wong also encourages the younger generation to pursue their dreams. 


“Do not fear failure, have confidence in yourself and just go for it!” he said.  “As long as you have passion and perseverance, you will surely succeed. With a clear goal in mind, I believe every young designer will be able to create great works that contribute to the society.”  


Sam Lam, Chief Curator and Project Director of CityProg hopes the initiative will broaden the perspective of students to what is happening in the world.


"No one knows what will happen in the future, nor what changes will occur in the design world.” Lam said. 


“Within the next 10 years, design could possibly be completely different from what it is now. So get prepared and equip yourself with more skills to adapt to these unforeseeable changes.” 


Ronald Lu and Partners arranged a visit to Xiqu Centre for OpenHouse!HK’s participating students to explore its architectural and spatial design features.



New release Change Begins with Design is now available. View the digital edition here to read 12 stories on how design shapes the future: 


Heidi Wong, PR & Marketing Senior Manager of Lamborghini Hong Kong 

Speed and Environmental Protection – The Evolution of Supercars 


Tino Kwan, Design Director of Tino Kwan Lighting Consultants  

Born in Light, Live in Light 


Chong, Chief Creative Director of Steve Leung Design Group 

The Rationality and Sensibility of Design 


Bryant Lu, Vice Chairman of Ronald Lu & Partners  

A Balanced Approach to Designing a Better Future 

James Law, Founder and Chairmen of Cybertecture International Group  

Technology and Architectural Design Explore the Future  


Tony Ip, Director of Tony Ip Green Architects  

Design for a Greener City 


Nelson Ng, Founder of Touches  

The Philosophy of Filmmaking in the Digitalised Era  


Roy Kwok and Tong Lau, Co-founders of VPLUSTUDIO  

Possibilities of "X": XR Technology in Film Production  


Mandy Tsang, Founder and Director of eMotionLAB 

Telling Stories with Motion Graphic 


Yeung Chin, Fashion Designer  

Redefine Beauty by “Making Mistakes”  


Magic Kwan and Kenrick Wong, Co-founders of Orient Occident Atelier (OOA) 

The Serendipitous Beauty of Architecture from Scratch  


Francis Ngai, Founder and CEO and Florence Cheng, Head of Impact Strategy of Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk)  

Contrasting Pillars Lay a Foundation for the Community  


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