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The Design of Happiness | BODW 2020

·3 December, 2020


Although topsy-turvy, 2020 is the time for a creative leap. The philosophy embraces change while seeking clarity and opportunities. Creative leaders envision desirable futures while uplifting culture that empathise and unleashes creativity for people-centred innovation and collaborative synergy. Hear from visionaries and bold thinkers, discover actionable ways for integrating design thinking across the entire value creation process, producing good design and keeping people inspired.





Phillip Lindberg

VP of Product, Starship Technologies, Finland


Melanie Wendland

Designer, Sonder Collective, Finland


Vertti Kivi

Head of Design, dSign Vertti Kivi & Co, Finland


Dave McCaughan

Founder & Storyteller, BIBLIOSEXUAL LTD, HK






Iñaki Amate

Head of Design, Partner, EY, HK


Thierry Halbroth

Associate Partner, EY / wavespace, HK


Dwayne Serjeant

Design Director, EY / wavespace, HK