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‘The Work Experiment’: Leading Future Workforce | KODW 2020

·28 August, 2020


Working from home is the new norm. Some are skeptical, while others welcome the change of scenery. What are the upsides and downsides of working remotely?


How will the world’s largest work-from-home experiment change the way we work, how we design workspace, how we inspire next-gen of talent and rethink leadership? Are we ready for the next workplace revolution?




Prof. Kun-Pyo LEE, PhD. HonFDRS

Dean of School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK


Tim Kobe

Founder & CEO, Eight Inc., Singapore


Tatiana Gomez

Workplace Consultant, Herman Miller, HK





Dwayne Serjeant

Executive Director - Experience Design, EY, HK