Towards a Greener Future: Sino Group builds a better world with CAPS

Sino Group29 Apr 2022

[The following content is provided by Sino Group]


Air pollution poses an increasingly serious threat to public health. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s research, 99% of population breathes in air that does not meet the WHO’s air quality standards, in particular emerging countries.


A number of organisations are taking steps to improve air quality. Sino Group is among those who are dedicated to creating a greener future with technology. They are committed to leveraging on new technologies that improve healthy living in the urban environment. The City Air Purification System (CAPS) is its latest effort to promote healthy living. Developed in collaboration with the engineering team at ARUP and fabricated as a functional bus shelter, the second generation of the patented and award-winning green invention represents a leap in functionality and efficiency in addition to featuring a stylish and practical design.


Taking a human-centred approach, designer Charis Ng and her team have worked on reconfiguring how air flows through the semi-open space by integrating novel filtration and sanitisation technologies. Featuring a collection of controlled organic layers, which replicates the filtering theory of nature, air is purified and refined through different filtration technologies layer by layer. The system can efficiently clean air, reduce pollution exposure by half, remove 99.95% of PM0.1 airborne allergens, and kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. Purified air comes out from the top, creating an air curtain to shield against pollutants. Its dual metallic cone-shaped columns deliver sanitised air into the semi-enclosed space. CAPS blends strong architectural elements such as steel with softer and controlled organic details, achieving a structure that is visually appealing in addition to being more functionally impactful to safeguard public health. The green innovation is on display at Cyberport until 30 June 2022.


CAPS 2.0 is recognised for its flexible design, which can be easily adopted into various forms and retrofitted into existing structures, making it a particularly useful solution to air quality. Awards received include the ‘green product/graphic design’ category of Green Good Design Awards 2021, Gold Medal and the Industrial Design Award at the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva in 2019, the Inventor Prize of the World Intellectual Property Organisation and Gold Medal with Jury Commendation at the Silicon Valley International Invention Festival 2019.


Daryl Ng, Deputy Chairman, Sino Group, tells us that ‘Sino Group is committed to innovating to promote healthy living in the urban environment, and this invention is our contribution in our small way. We are very encouraged by the positive feedback on our concept of a City Air Purification System, and are hopeful that the invention can be widely adopted to make an impact on improving people’s lives, starting with cleaner air while they wait roadside for public transport. It is a great pleasure working with talented local engineers to create this international award-winning community project. We are excited to share that the third generation of City Air Purification System was awarded Gold Medal at the 2022 International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva as well, recognising our green innovation efforts.’