Understanding Customer Behaviour: Insights from a Design Futurist

As the head of LG Electronics' Customer Experience Centre, Chul Bae Lee recognises the importance of creativity and anticipating future needs in effective product design. 

Editorial Team08 Aug 2023

Chul Bae Lee has been with LG since 1991, contributing to the design of various iconic smartphone models such as the Optimus G, G2, G3, Prada smart 3.0, and the Flex. In recent years, his focus has shifted to designing innovative home appliances, such as a home brewing machine, a 360-degree circulator air purifier, and a home gardening machine. Throughout his career, Lee has witnessed several revolutions in the electronics industry, and has been an integral part of LG's transformation. 


Lee also conducts extensive consumer research to identify pain points and to develop concepts that can improve people's lives, turning these ideas into practical yet affordable solutions. He believes that creativity stems from solving problems with a design mindset; and in view of the climate changes and the predominance of artificial intelligence, he stresses that designers should think holistically and envision what's next through these change initiators, creating prototypes that lead the way and potentially address future needs. Only then can LG fulfil its mission to ensure that "Life's Good" through competitive manufacturing and innovative businesses infused with new technology, and resonant designs.