Inclusive Future | KODW 2021

23 Jun 2021


Inclusive design begins with people and empathy. In an era of collaborative creativity, good design needs to embrace diversity, aspirations and needs of people of different backgrounds right from the beginning of the co-creation process. The call for inclusivity is ever more prominent. Google innovation guru in inclusive design and other social leaders and champions will share their experiences in ways to design a better world where more people will enjoy inclusive growth and have access to a fair and accessible society.






Christopher Patnoe

Head of Accessibility and Disability Inclusion, Google, US

Christina Yung

Head of Community, Diversity and Financial Vulnerability, ASP, HSBC, HK

Noriko Deno

Community Designer, studio-L, Japan


Kevin Siu

Co-founder & Director, AaaM Architects, HK





Gaëlle Loiseau

CEO, Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong, HK