Winning in Hyper-efficient Commerce | KODW 2021

·23 June, 2021


What are the key trends in 2021 and beyond? Why is it crucial for Business Leaders to embrace human-centred design in future service innovations?


Cravings for human interaction are more important than ever before. New service concepts need to be tested and launched with lighting speed. tried out fast. Design solutions that answer our most pressing concerns will chart our new path forward. Let's learn from the experts on why success comes to those who apply the best of service design.



Ken Lo

Head of eCommerce, Hong Kong & Macau, SF Supply Chain, HK

Yvonne Leung

Chief Marketing Officer, AlipayHK, HK


Michael Ng

Head of Digital Product, WeLab Bank, HK






Dr Toa Charm

Chairman, OpenCertHub, HK